All About Textured PVC Laminates

PVC Laminates

All About Textured PVC Laminates

Laminates are most commonly used as a finishing material for various items such as plywood, particle wood, wooden floorings wall panels and even furniture. They were conventionally made from pressed paper; although in recent years, laminates are best described as a composite of paper, plastic or acrylic.

Laminates have grown to become an inseparable component of interior and exterior designing over the past decade. Not only are they durable and budget friendly; they are also in demand for their versatility in terms of use.

Types of laminates:

Laminates can be classified according to

  1. Use:
    1. Decorative laminates: used mainly as ornamental overlays on furnitures and surfaces that face daily wear and tear
    2. Industrial laminates:

High performance laminates that are resistance to heavy wear and tear, fires and other hazards-in use mainly in hospitals and other industries

      1. Compact laminates, also known as self supporting laminates
      2. Post form laminates: thinner then regular laminates, they are used to wrap columns and posts.

2.Colours and patterns:
Laminates can be solid patterned, or may come with funky motifs and vibrant colours. Patterns can also be custom printed.

  1. Finishing:

The most commonly used finishing is smooth, high and low gloss, and matt finish.

Metallic finishing are getting more traction by the day.

  1. Based on material:

Laminates can be either PVC based, Acrylic, or conventional pressed paper laminates.

All about PVC laminates:

While acrylic laminates are more aesthetic, PVC laminates are more widely used for the following reasons.

  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Budget friendly
  • Wider variety of designs and textures
  • Modifications such as 90° bendable, better textures, anti scratch property.
  • PVC laminates are available in various sizes starting from 0.6mm, upto 1.2mm; for a variety of uses- from veneering furnitures to flooring to wall cladding.

Textured PVC laminates

The various textures available are as follows:

1.Matte Finish

Matte finish laminates are indicated for use in professional settings such as corporates and offices for a classy look.

2. Glossy Finish laminates

Have a reflective surface with glossy and eye catching designs, mostly used in recreation setups such as discos and clubs.

3. Metallic Finish

They have been used extensively to produce a metallic look to furniture and surfaces; being more durable than metal in some cases as they are corrosion and tarnish resistant.

4. Textured finish laminates

As the name implies Textured finishing are getting popular day by day as they mimic the tactile sensation of natural material.

Popularly used textured finishing are hand scrapped wood, rustic wood, leather finishing and even metallic finishing.

When to opt for PVC laminates?

PVC laminates are ideal for surfaces subject to daily wear and tear- such as cabinet walls, floorings and table tops.

They are a cheaper alternative to wood when it comes to wall cladding and flooring.

When to avoid PVC laminates, and laminates in general?


Although laminates come in a lot of realistic prints and textures; for a more authentic look, especially on furniture, wood and veneers are a better option.