Best quality Charcoal Panels

Charcoal Panels

Best quality Charcoal Panels

The charcoal panel is a relatively novel product. It is sternly made by modern equipment coated with incredible design skills. There are plenty of companies that have been winning incredible appreciation for their charcoal designed wall panels. This is an emerging home interior decor that highlights the wall panels with vibrant hues and coating layers. Nowadays many people are decorating their offices with catchy walls and ceilings. Often it comes in 3D embossed surfaces. It is available as a ready-to-use material for decorating interiors.

Luxe Design Overview

Many companies are bringing designer solutions and incredible decors. Luxe Design is one of them. The team got their inspiration from their travel in Europe. They were captivated with luxurious design solutions. This had inspired them to fetch international quality interiors to India. With its remarkable Italian designs coupled with Parisian flairs, Luxe Designs aim to bring outstanding interior decors. They have expertise in making acoustic charcoal designs as well. These suppliers offering charcoal panels are achieving extensive recognition for their diligence and unique design that makes the interior looks better. Charcoal gives strength to the product.

General Features of Charcoal panel

General Size General Thickness Color Components Quality Advantages
Size is manually prepared. The most ideal size used for office and residence interiors is approximately 8 feet in height and a minimum of 2 feet in width. The ideal available thickness is around 6 mm. But it depends on the requirements. Most of the customers reportedly prefer metallic copper brown charcoal panels. Charcoal.

Premium grade.Embossed surfaces and pattern layers. Lightweight.Metallic sheen and effect.Ready-to-use.Eco-friendly.Pre-colored.3D embossed.


Charcoal panels have a wide variety of utilities. Some of its uses are outlined below:

  • Unlimited application in households, healthcare settings, commercial and entertainment industries.
  • It can be readily applied in wardrobes, doors, partitions, display panels, screens and also room dividers.


Maintenance and care

With its diverse application, charcoal panels must be very well taken care of. It should be maintained properly. The following activities need to be carried out to maintain the acoustic design:

  • It must be wiped dry. Occasionally, slightly moist cloth can be used to clean the surfaces.
  • An all-purpose cleaner should be used for its spot cleaning. Alternatively, some mild detergent with water can be used as well. After cleaning, it should be wiped dry.
  • Damp objects or pointed objects must never be placed on to charcoal designs. It damages the surfaces and mars the finish lines.



The exclusive collection of remarkable charcoal panels and sheets offered by the Indian companies have been receiving tremendous praises and appreciation. They offer online services as well. This makes selection and purchase relatively easier for customers. The growing prominence of this design and decor segment has established its strong foothold in the interior designing world. Hence, people are availing the services to give an appealing look and feel to their houses and offices.