Luxe Design Lam has 3 categories: Acrylic Laminate, Antique Laminate & PVC Laminate.

Acrylic Laminate :-

Luxe Design Acrylic Laminate are high gloss and gives look of lacquered glass. Available in 1mm thickness, these categories have wide range which will fit in your requirement for sure.

Antique Laminate :-

Luxe Design Antique Laminate are texture based PVC Laminate of 1.5mm thickness. Launched first time in India, these textured PVC Laminates are real choice of Architects. Rustic designs are also available under this segment. This is 90 degree bendable product.

PVC Laminate :-

Luxe Design PVC Laminate comes in 1mm thickness with 90 degree edge bendable quality. Exclusive range of PVC will definitely help you in making your furniture look good.